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Sweden is renowned for its quality of education and research. It is an innovative country with excellent living standards. The education system in Sweden encourages innovative ideas and a new way of thinking. It is a fun, exciting and dynamic country to study in and helps the students to engage in critical thinking. The Swedish Universities focus on team work and cooperation and has an open learning environment.

Why Study in Sweden?

Sweden is home to some of the world's best universities and fosters creativity. It has the largest number of multinationals per capita of any country in the world. Many programs in Sweden include internships that give students a chance to build a strong international network. There is no legal limit of working hours for students during the tenure of their course which is unique to Sweden. It offers a thriving culture that promotes diversity and equality while providing a conducive environment for international students.

Sweden at a Glance

Sweden welcomes almost 30,000 international students and has a progressive higher education system with excellent programs. It Employs instructors that are researchers which make Sweden a smart choice for ambitious international students. It has a lot of natural attractions and sights which are tourist friendly. Popularly known as the land of a thousand lakes, it has an interesting weather due to which the sun shines all day and all night during June and July while it is extremely cold during winters. Sweden holds world records for hosting world championships. Sweden is fond of recycling and has the craziest sports one can imagine.

Popular Universities & Popular Programs
Popular Programs

Masters in Engineering Management

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Masters in Entrepreneurship

Masters in Supply Chain Management

Masters in Renewable Energy

Sweden's Education Cost
The tuition fee in Sweden ranges from 8,000 Euro to 13,000 Euro per year. The tuition fees differs depending upon the university and level of degree. In general, the living expenses range from 850 Euro to 970 Euro per month.

Qualifying Exams & Coaching

IELTS / TOEFL / ( Not mandatory for some Universities )

Universities we Represent in Sweden

1 Uppsala University, Uppsala
2 University of Skövde, Skovde
3 Halmstad University, Halmstad
4 Jonkoping University, Jonkoping
5 Dalarna University, Falun
6 Kristianstad University, Kristianstad
7 Lund University, Lund (CEG)