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Visa Guidance

Did you get an admission letter from your favorite university? Congratulations!! Now the next big thing is getting your Student Visa. Without a visa, you can not enter to a foreign country and studying or living there.

Please note, getting an admission does not ensure getting a student visa. Granting a visa is the sole discretion of the visa office / consulate of the respective country. You need to fulfill all the criteria’s set by the country that needs applying with correct documents and evidences, and a successful visa interview in some cases.

At SRM Overseas we do not make any false promise like Visa guarantee for you. But we can genuinely guide you understanding the rigorous process for Visa application so you can do the right preparation towards a successful visa.

We have a highly experienced team of visa experts who are aware about the visa rules and can guide you how to arrange and organize your documents. They will explain the do’s and don’ts that will help you prepare in the right direction. We also discuss about the visa interviews, how they take place and how you can answer the visa officer with confidence, honesty and clarity.

Suspicious planning and positive attitude will increase your chance of student visa for sure.