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If you have lost your opportunity to get a medical seat in India you can opt to study your MBBS degree in Philippines; in a leading medical university recognized by WHO and Medical Council of India (MCI). You can go to the US or UK after your MBBS from Philippines, or do your practice in India after an entrance test.

The MBBS degree awarded by Philippines medical institutions is called MD (Doctor in Medicine) like in the USA. Out of 10000 students take admissions every year from foreign countries, 2000 are from India only. This is just because the medical institutions in Philippines are recognized by WHO and MCI as similar as in India and other leading countries.

MBBS in Philippines

MBBS is known as MD (Doctor of Medicine) in Philippines. Philippines universities and colleges are known for its quality and sending thousands of every year to work in USA, UK, and other western countries. The country has 40 medical colleges and universities those are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) and Medical Council of India (MCI).

• Is MBBS or MD from Philippines recognized in India?

MD Program Philippines is recognized by Medical Council of India as equivalent to MBBS degree in offered by Indian medical institutions. Once you complete the MD degree in the Philippines, you have to clear a screening test named Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) then only you will be able to start the medical practices or join advance studies of medical courses in India medical institutions.

• How is the quality of Philippines MBBS education?

Philippines was under the rule of Spain for 333 years and then became a colony of USA for 50 years during the industrial revolution. During this period, the USA authorities had designed Philippines education system similar to their own education system. The medical course MD (Doctor of Medicine) in Philippines is quite comparable to that of the USA.

• Education Cost and Living Expenses

The total tuition fees for MD (MBBS) course in Philippines is around Rs.15 lakhs which is much lower than private medical colleges in India. Similarly the monthly living expenses including food and accommodation, transportation and other basic expenses will make around Rs.12000.

• What is the language of instruction for MBBS in Philippines?

Unlike studying MBBS in Russia, Ukraine or China, Philippines is much easier for Indian students. English is the official language of Philippines besides 95% of the population speaks in English language. The sign boards, road directions, official and business transcripts and communications are done in English language like in India. Philippines is World’s third largest English speaking country.

• How is the climate & weather in Philippines?

Climate and weather of Philippines is similar to India, a tropical weather. The average temperature of Philippines is around 26 degrees. Because of similar climatic condition like India, you will see patients from Philippines having similar types of diseases. So your study of treatment in Philippines will give hands on experience so later practicing in India will be familiar.

Admission Process

Let us explore more about Admission process and studying in Philippines medical universities

  • Getting MBBS admission in Philippines for Indian students is less competitive compared to Indian MBBS Admission.
  • You must have a 10+2 education with minimum of 65% score.
  • Every foreign student has to enroll a one and half years (3 semesters) BS course which is like a preparatory course before actual enrolment to MD course of 4 years.
  • This pre-medical course mainly covers subjects like biology, medicinal technology, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and psychology.
  • Once you complete this course you are expected to appear for National Medical Admission Test (NMAT). This is a two parts test; part one covers Verbal reasoning and quantitative while part two covers Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There is no ranking of the test results like Indian entrance tests; you just need to pass the exams to be eligible for admission into Philippines medical colleges.
  • The passing percentage of NMAT test is 40% and not like a cut off percentage. Most of the medical universities looking at this passing mark for admission requirements only.
  • Once you enroll to the MD program you need to study 4 years of program as similar to Indian system.

MD/MBBS taught subjects in Philippines

Like Indian medical institutions, your MD course in Philippines offer study in Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience, Primary Health Care, Pharmacology,etc. It also includes subjects such as Microbiology, General Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Physical Diagnosis, Epidemiology, Pharmacology, Pediatrics, Surgery, Medicine, Legal Medicine, EENT, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dermatology, Radiology and Rehabilitation Medicine.