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Columbus Central University, CCU is a quality medical school in the Caribbean to study medicine with accredited Premed, Basic and Clinical Science Programs. This university ranks among the best colleges and universities in the Caribbean. University enjoys a deep, longstanding relationship with the people; having sent scores of students, faculty, and staff welcomed students to the campus. It is no doubt one of the finest universities available to pursue MBBS in Belize.

Why study in Columbus Central University?

CCU is one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean, established by American Physicians and is accredited, licensed, and registered within the beautiful National of Belize. CCU is a very popular choice for students from India wishing to get a high-quality, hands-on Medical education at a world-class institution

Caribbean medical colleges are the best foreign medical schools. When applying to the Caribbean medical school, you are choosing the best Caribbean school of medicine. Columbus Central University has an intent, which is to create an entirely new model of medical education, one that will enhance the university’s ability to act as a transformation agent in health care.

World-class Education:

The medical curriculum taught at Caribbean medical college campus integrates top academic features of American and Caribbean medical schools. This university has helped hundreds of Indian students achieve their academic and career goals effortlessly.

The goal here is to prepare students for the next level of medical training in ACGME accredited American teaching hospitals by implementing a U.S. standard curriculum, used in the best North American LCME/AAMC colleges of medicine stressing Higher Order Thinking Skills (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) tested in USMLE Step I rather than simple memorization of facts.


Top medical schools in the Caribbean should be accredited and have high USMLE passing rates, ACGME accredited clinical rotations and an approved application process to allow you to become a doctor.

Columbus Central University recognitions make students eligible for clinical rotations and licensure in the U.S. Upon passing USMLE, students start clinical clerkship in accredited hospitals throughout the United States or the United Kingdom.

Benefits of studying Columbus Central University:

  • The MD degree (doctor of medicine) can be earned upon completion of the Basic Science and the Clinical Science program.
  • Another advantage is, Belize is considered the best place for medical education in the Caribbean.
  • This university has a unique approach to teaching, which embraces cross-disciplinary teaching modalities.
  • It has breakthrough technologies, and innovative ways to advance training in both basic science and clinical skills throughout the medical school curriculum.
  • CCU will help deepen students’ understanding of academic medicine to better prepare tomorrow’s doctors and make a far-reaching impact on their further career.